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In + Around School


Children often learn best when they can explore, experiment, and bring concepts together. That’s a reality that Maria Montessori understood quite well, and it’s something we bring to our classes here at Primary Montessori. Our teachers provide guidance to your child that invites the type of STEAM programming.


The idea that every child has musical potential and all children are able to learn and express themselves musically permeates the Montessori method. Music activities are respected at the same level as any other form of learning. Teachers are supportive and encouraging of the child’s musical endeavors. Children learn with music, learn about music, and learn by music.


A formal Physical Education is provided weekly. Development of gross motor skills, coordination, self-confidence, cooperation, team building, and sportsmanship are emphasized. Students learn basic skills and games in a supportive atmosphere  with the goal that each student develops a life-long appreciation of physical activity and healthy bodies.


The Montessori reading curriculum has three essential conponents: A strong foundation in phonics, comprehension based on visualization, and whole language, or learning to read for meaning and using context clues.  This multi-sensory approach is unique in that it has children building words before actually reading them. Children build their own understanding of how sounds are represented by symbols, and these symbols are joined together to form words.


We have specialized services to meet the needs of all learners. We offer ESL services five days a week with the goal that all ELL students will graduate as lifelong learners with 21st Century skills in order to succeed in college and careers. We aim to ensure equitable access to opportunities that promote language acquisition, bilingualism, biliteracy and lifelong learning. 


Students in grades 4 through 6 receive dance instruction once a week with members of the Boston Ballet. Students turn their new skills into ideas for an end of the year performance at the Boston Ballet in the South End. Students are also invited to attend a number of Boston Ballet performances each year for free, including "The Nutcracker".


Students grades 4 -6 take a trip to Athol, MA to attend a 3-day overnight camp at The Farm School. Students receive hands-on experience about life on a farm. They participate in activities and chores, like meal clean-up, sweeping the barn, milking cows, and tending the garden. Other attractions include wild walk, petting animals, and sleeping in triple bunks, pizza and Karaoke. Two teachers from the school chaperone the trip.


This program encourages parent-school engagement and gives the student and adult caregiver an opportunity to learn together. The curriculum focuses on fundamental digital skills and topics such as using Google apps for school and work, finding apps and websites for learning and play, tracking grades and attendance online, after-school and academic programs, and accessing web-based family resources. 


Partners like Salseian Boys + Girls Club, East Boston YMCA and BCYF Paris Street offer after school options, including transportation for students starting in 1st Grade. Please see the "After School" tab or contact us for more information

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